Monday, 8 October 2012

What Can Steam Mops Get Rid Of?

What Can Steam Mops Get Rid Of?

Aside from the usual dust, dirt, and debris, steam mops can also get rid of other unwanted stuff on your floors. These include:

Bacteria and germs: Even if your mop or washcloth has removed the visible dirt and dust from your floors, some unseen bacteria and germs are not as easy to get rid of. Fortunately, the extremely high temperatures of steam released by steam mops can kill bacteria and germs, leaving your floors not just clean on the surface, but also completely free from unwanted microorganisms that may even cause health problems.
Allergens: Advantage of steam mops is that they are excellent sanitizers and disinfectants, again because of the heat they produce. Thus, they can effectively eliminate dust mites, mold, mildew, and other allergens. They do this without the help of any harsh chemical. If you or some household members are prone to allergies, using a steam mop is a surer way of cleaning your floors.
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This brings us to this very valid question : 

What are the advantages of Steam Mops?

Effective: Steam mops may have a different configuration but they work just as effectively as the upright or canister type steam cleaners. The mechanism of action used by these machines is exactly the same. A steam mop produces hot steam that effectively dislodges dirt from the surface and picks them right up without a hassle.
Effortless to use: Investing in a steam mop means saying goodbye to all the crouching, scrubbing, and bucket-lifting that used to make up your floor cleaning tasks. Like a regular floor mop, they just need to be pushed along in front of you. And some steam mops even have adjustable handles, so if you shorten the handle, you can even clean your floors while sitting down. There is also no need to buy and use any form of detergent, bleach, or cleaning chemical since the heat produced by the machine is already an effective disinfectant.
Guaranteed dirt removal: When you use a floor mop, every time you soak your mop into a bucket, the water that you use becomes dirty. This is why sometimes, you would see unpleasant-looking streaks of dirt on your floors. A steam mop is free of that disadvantage. Thus, you only do your cleaning once. A steam mop guarantees that there is absolutely no need for do-overs.
Some of the benefits of the  H2O MOP X5 Steam Mop are that it can be used on multiple floor surfaces : 

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