Monday, 27 August 2012

Get the Best out of your H2O MOP X5

Tips For Best Results:

Never leave the H2O MOP X5 unattended while plugged in.
1) Sweep or vacuum floor prior to using the H2O MOP X5.
2) To avoid puddling of water, the Microfiber Cloth must
be clean and dry for use. To replace the cleaning cloth,
proceed as follows: Let the cleaning cloth cool down,
remove cloth from unit, replace with a new Microfiber Cloth
and continue use. Select low steam regulator
3) To sanitize an area of your floor, leave the H2O MOP X5
at high steam setting over the steam area for about 10 seconds,
but no longer than 15 seconds.
Do not carry out this procedure on heat and steam
sensitive floors.
  • Never steam at one spot for too long. This can cause floor surface damage.
  • Do not put hands or feet under the steam mop. Unit gets very hot.
  • During use a pulsing noise may be heard indicating that the mop is producing steam. This noise is normal.
  • There may be some minor “spitting” of water mixed with the steam. This is also normal.
  • The force and heat of the steam may adversely affect certain materials. Always check the suitability of using the steam mop on a surface by carrying out a preliminary test on a hidden area.

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