Monday, 17 September 2012

Chemical Free Cleaning with the H2O MopX5

Chemical Free Cleaning with H2O MOP X5

Maintaining a more eco friendly lifestyle should be all of our properties when it comes to the choices we make and products we buy. Cleaning with heavy chemicals  is not only harsh on the envirnoment but also on the ones you love. Chemical cleaning solutions used  all over your home  is not ideal when you have littles ones or pets . Purchasing the H2O MopX5 gives you peace of mind that you are choosing a product that effectively cleans, steams, freshens and deodorizes your home all by using tap water. The lastest model of the H2O MopX5 allows you to clean your entire home without using chemicals you would otherwise use for each room.
Cleaning in the past lead us to use heavy sprays and metals scrubs, smelly window cleaners and one hour spray and  sit oven cleaners. With the H2O mop X5 you eliminate using different chemicals for different rooms and use the power of hot steam  as an effective alternative.
H2O MopX5 is also perfect for cleaning and mainting your BBQ machines, bike tires, microwave units and other appliances or tools around your home. Always be sure to read labels to see if hot steam is permitted to clean the item and  choose the appropriate cleaning brush so you do not scratch or ruin  appliances or counter tops. Another benefit to cleaning with the H2O MopX5 is that its also proven to kill up 99% of certain types of bacteria, for example e coli, salmonella, beg bugs and dust mites according to laboratory testing. Instead of dinfecting wipes for counter tops the H2O MopX5 which converts into a handheld steamer makes for perfect chemical free counter top cleaning.


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